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Colorado : Tourist Hot Spots

Colorado is a must visiting place for all the visitors around the world. The mountains charm whose peaks are covered with snow,picturesque locations,rejuvenate environment, wildlife offers a wide spectrum for tourism scope.It is among the prime tourist destinations of the country where millions of visitors come to spend the vacations in the lap of the nature.Many places in the state are become the best shots of skiing during the winters while in summers,fishing,rafting,hiking, biking etc are the prime reserved activities.

Denver is the commercial, financial, and transportation capital of the Rocky Mountain region. It is also the state’s administrative center because of its presence of federal government offices.Denver’s geographic location at the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains protects the city from severe cold.
  • 16th Street Mall: a pedestrian strip which is lined up with elite shops, restaurants and bars
  • Black American West Museum & Heritage center: The museum offers a glimpse at overlooked contributions of African Americans of during the era of 1800s.
  • Denver Art Museum: The museum houses the Asian, European and Western Americans departments and the art collections of native Americans.
Boulder is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and it is known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, natural product retailers and restaurants.
  • Pearl Street Mall: a vibrant pedestrian zone filled with bars, galleries and restaurants.
  • Eldorado Canyon State Park: The park comes under the most impressive rock climbing areas.
Colorado Springs:
It is the second largest city of the state Colorado and the home to large military base and Air Force Academy.
  • Garden of the Gods: The site attracts around two millions of visitors every year and is a prime nature reserve shaped with red sandstone formations.Highlights of Balanced Rock, High Point and Central Garden are the most beautiful attractions.

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